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Welcome to the Dabo Wiki!

The site has been hit repeatedly by spammers, who have deleted the real content and inserted their crap. I've changed the permissions for the Wiki so that now only authorized users may edit pages. That didn't seem to do enough, as they DDoS'd the site with bots trying to create accounts. So I've disabled account creation through the web. If you'd like an account, please send an email to the dabo-users list asking for an account, and I'll create it manually.

First off...

Dabo for Python 2 is in maintenance mode. Nobody has available time to continue to enhance it

Dabo for Python 3 is in experimental mode. There is a branch in the Git repo ( that has code that is compatible with Python 3. However, there are still some severe issues getting it to work with the version of wxPython that supports Python 3. If you'd like to work on this, please do! It is a low priority, as none of the Dabo developers have time to work on it.

Finally, most of the wiki containing useful information was lost to bitrot. But thanks to the Internet Archive, the original wiki is still available here:


  • What is Dabo?
  • Who are the People involved with Dabo?
  • What does working with Dabo look like? See the Screenshots page!

Requirements and Installation

Learning Dabo - FAQs, Tutorials, Documentation, Demos

  • FAQs - NewbieFAQs - HowTos
  • Tutorials and Screencasts - includes the PyCon 2010 Tutorial
  • Dabo PyCon 2007 - Part 1 (note, there are 6 YouTube videos)
    • Part 3 shows how "data binding" works, e.g., how a drop-down UI object can be bound to (and hence control) the ScaleMode property of another UI object -- a dImage object in this case -- with only two lines of code!
  • simple bizObjects Tutorials
  • Simple framework tutorial
  • Auto-generated API documentation (dabodoc.tar.gz) - note that if a Property, Event, or Method is bold, that means it is not inherited
  • Framework Documentation
  • IDE Documentation
  • What can I do with the Dabo Demos?
  • Thanks to Antonio CHESSA, we now have several of our wiki pages translated into Italian! We have started to translate the wiki into Chinese and Russian.

Dabo Features

  • Dabo supports Localization
  • Dabo now has a local cursor engine! The new DataSet objects allow developers to manipulate the data returned by a backend database by running any standard SQL statement against the DataSet.
  • Dabo supports basic DrawObjects in its UI. This allows you to draw shapes (circles, rectangles, polygons, lines) on any UI surface.

Contributing to Dabo

  • Want to contribute code to Dabo? Take a look at the Coding Guidelines first.
  • Contributing to Dabo
  • Dabo Code Development
  • Features that Need Work
  • Issue Tracker
  • Browse code in the GitHub repository

Future of Dabo

OLD: Find out what's already happened on the Dabo Release History page. We need to plan our releases, so here's a Release Roadmap. Projects

The Recent Changes page show you what has changed on this wiki recently.

Need Help?

Got a question? Send email to the mailing list or browse the email archives.

You can also post a question on the Questions About Dabo page. See also Dabo Support.

This site brought to you by the authors of Dabo, EdLeafe and PaulMcNett.