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If how to do something isn't obvious to you, it probably isn't obvious to others, too.

So if you run into a programming question in Dabo, don't just suffer through figuring it out; add it here! We can then answer the question for you in a way that can help someone else in the future. This will become the heart of the functional documentation for Dabo. Add new questions at the top so that they are easy to spot; we can always move them around into a better order later.

Q: How do I use a checkbox to manage a generic pair of values?
A: HowToCustomizeCheckboxes

Q: How do I turn preferences off?
A: HowToTurnPreferencesOff

Q: How do I set up a Parent-Child-Grandchild (PCG) relationship?
A: HowToSetupParent-Child-Grandchild

Q: How can I determine the dNode selected from a dTreeView (there is no itemID)?
A: tree.Selection will return the selected node.

Q: How can i get dabo to set foreign keys for datail records when creating new records?
A: How To Get Foreign Keys Set

Q: How do I log all database sql statements executed from Dabo?
A: How To Log Executed SQL

Q: I don't understand how to use picklists. I want to display the name of the thing the user is selecting, but I need the associated primary key for that choice. How do I do both?
A: HowToPopulateAndUseListControls

Q: I need to prompt the user for a value before they continue. What's the best way of doing that?
A: HowToReturnAValueFromAModalForm

Q: I want to only allow upper-case characters in a textbox. Can I do that in Dabo?
A: HowToLimitInputCharactersInATextBox

Q: I have some data that I want to display in a grid. How do I do that?
A: HowToCreateAFormWithAGridAndPopulateItWithData

Q: How do I add BLOB values when using MySQL?
A: HowToAddBLOBValuesWithMySQL

Q: How do I center an object visually using sizers?
A: HowToVisuallyFloatAControl

Q: How do I create controls that overlay each other?
A: How To Overlay Controls

Q: Can I create an spreadsheet within Dabo?
A: Create an OpenOffice SpreadSheet

Q: How does one use a cdxml file as class to be used in a hand coded form?
A: How to use a cdxml file in hand coded forms

Q: How to use multiple toolbars in different place (e.g. on panels)?
A: HowToUseMultipleToolbars