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Occasionally you may need a temporary cursor to access tables. There are several ways to access the database via cursors. But the best way does not violate Dabo's 3 tier design and most importantly does not cause other issues with Dabo.

Below is an example of how I did it.

I add the following to the form's createBizobjs()

self.biztmp =
self.tmpbiz = self.biztmp.getTempCursor()

Note: self.Connection is the name of the Form's connection to the database. And I did not add the bizobj to the form (do not -> self.addBizobj(self.biztmp))

Now I can use self.tmpbiz anywhere on the form as I would any other bizobj. So I can:

self.tmpbiz.execute("select somefield from sometable")

and the bizobj self.tmpbiz will contain the retreived data in the DataSet.

In my case I decided to create a special bizobj to make it easier to identify in code. But you could have used any bizobj that the form knows about. So if the form has a bizobj named CustomerBizObj you can use it to create a temporary cursor.

myTempCursor = self.Form.CustomerBizObj.getTempCursor()

The above will not change/touch/overwrite the CustomerBizObj data.