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dabo.ui.callAfterInterval(interval, func, *args, **kwargs)


This function serves two purposes:

  • When you need for something to happen after a given delay
  • When you may get multiple calls to the same function within a given period, and you only want it to execute once.




The interval parameter is in milliseconds (e.g. 2000 = 2 seconds)

The first purpose listed above is simply a way to delay a function without having to go through the bother of creating and managing a timer. The framework handles that for you.

The second usage is a way to make sure that a function is only executed once in a given time period. For example, if you have several controls that could potentially send a message to a form to carry out a processor-intensive function in a tight loop, use callAfterInterval() with a reasonable interval to ensure that the expensive function is only executed once.