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dLabel is the basic control for displaying a bit of non-editable text.

Some of the more useful properties for dLabel

  • Caption - (str): The text of the label.
  • AutoResize - (bool): Specifies whether the length of the caption determines the size of the label. This cannot be True if WordWrap is also set to True. Default=True.
  • WordWrap - (bool): When True, the Caption is wrapped to the Width. Be sure to make sure that there is sufficient Height to fit the wrapped text lines. If WordWrap is set to True, AutoResize must be False. Default=False
  • FontFace - (str): the name of the face of the displayed font for the label.
  • FontSize - (int): Size of the label's font in points.
  • FontBold - (bool): Controls whether the label is displayed in bold text.
  • FontItalic - (bool): Controls whether the label is displayed in italic text.

See the Dabo Class Documentation for an exhaustive documentation of this control's Properties, Events and Methods. (Note that this documentation is no longer live, but it's still available via the Internet Archive).