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dCheckBox is a control that is used to display boolean values: True/False, Yes/No, etc.

There is an optional 3rd state that is used to reflect unknown/null values. This would enable the checkbox to reflect True/False/Unknown, Yes/No/Maybe, Pass/Fail/Incomplete. The underlying value for the third state is None.

Some of the more useful properties for dCheckBox:

  • Alignment - (str): Can be "Left" or "Right", and controls the placement of the checkbox in relation to the text. Right alignment is currently not supported on OS X.
  • Caption - (str): The text displayed for the control.
  • Value - (bool): Either True or False (possibly None)
  • ThreeState - (bool): Determines if the control is capable of displaying None values.
  • UserThreeState - (bool): Determines if the user can set the third state interactively. ThreeState must be True for this to have an effect.

See the Dabo Class Documentation for an exhaustive documentation of this control's Properties, Events and Methods. (Note that this documentation is no longer live, but it's still available via the Internet Archive).